Advisory board

The ESRC Sustainable Care Large Grant programme has established an Advisory Board to support its work in a way that will be useful for policy-makers, practitioners and service users as well as other academics.

Members were chosen to achieve a spread of knowledge and experience which can contribute to and support the Sustainable Care programme. They include representatives from relevant policy, practice, academic and research user arenas.

Members of the Advisory Board contribute to the success of the Sustainable Care programme by acting as its ‘critical friends’ and ‘ambassadors’; advising on its overall structure and priorities and providing a context for the programme’s work (eg, by sharing information about relevant other work in progress or about policy or practice developments).

The Advisory Board also helps with specific aspects (eg, research design, impact, publication strategy) and keeps the programme focused on how findings are used and/or presented. The board advises on how messages from the programme can be framed to reach policy-makers, practitioners, politicians, stakeholders and the general public.

The Advisory Board is chaired by Robert Anderson (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions).

Advisory Board Members

Robert Anderson
Formerly Head of Social Policies Unit, Eurofound

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Tim Anfilogoff
Herts Valleys CCG

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Professor Toni Antonucci
Secretary General, International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Karolina Gerlich
Executive Director, the Care Workers' Charity

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Professor Martin Green OBE
Chief Executive Care England

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Alison Herrington
Department for Work and Pensions

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Richard Humphries
King's Fund

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David James
Care Quality Commission

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Laura Vickers-Rendall
Commissioning Editor, Policy Press

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Caroline Waters OBE
Deputy Chair, Equality and Human Rights Commission

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Stecy Yghemonos
Executive Director, Eurocarers

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