Sustainable Care and COVID-19 podcast

Conversations between our researchers and special guests.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sustainable Care team have been exploring how care arrangements have been impacted by the ongoing crisis.

In this limited series podcast, we present discussions between our researchers and special guests, as they provide greater understanding on the impact the pandemic is having on the people and systems studied within the Sustainable Care Programme.


Migrant workers and the delivery of Long Term Care in Austria, Australia and the UK

This episode is hosted by Professor Shereen Hussein from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and features special guests Professor Sara Charlesworth from RMIT University, Dr Ricardo Rodrigues from the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research and Dr Agnes Turnpenny from Oxford Brookes University.

Shereen and Agnes worked together on the Sustainable Care programme, studying Migrant care workers in the UK: an analysis of care at home, a work package led by Shereen.

In this episode they discuss their findings and how the significant contribution made by migrants to the care sector in the UK has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Ricardo Rodrigues gives background and context on the impact of COVID-19 in Austria, where there has been a reliance on migrant care workers since the late 1990s.

Professor Sara Charlesworth gives insight from Australia where geography plays it’s part and temporary visas for low skilled workers have created a void in the care workforce since Australia closed its borders due to the pandemic.

Homecare during the pandemic: how can technology aid care provision?

Dr Diane Burns introduces this episode in which Sustainable Care colleagues, Dr Cate Goodlad and Dr Kate Hamblin, are joined by Tommy Henderson-Reay from the National Care Forum. They discuss emerging models of homecare delivery in the UK, the various ways homecare providers deployed technologies during the pandemic and the challenges they faced.

Dr Diane Burns is a Senior Lecture at the Management School at the University of Sheffield. Diane led the research project, 'Delivering care at home: emerging models and their implications for sustainability and wellbeing' as part of the Sustainable Care Programme. Dr Cate Goodlad also worked on this project with Diane.

Dr Kate Hamblin is a Research Fellow at CIRCLE and led the research project 'Achieving sustainability in care systems: the potential of technology' in the Sustainable Care programme.

Tommy Henderson-Reay is Digital Transformation Lead at the National Care Forum, he is part of the Digital Social Care project and is also a registered social worker.

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Technology Enabled Care services and the pandemic: a catalyst for change

Sustainable Care Co-Investigator, Dr Kate Hamblin is joined by special guests Mark Allen, Head of Technology Enabled Care, Hampshire County Council and Alyson Scurfield, Chief Executive, TEC Services Association (TSA).

In this episode, Kate explores how the pandemic has been a catalyst for change for the Technology Enabled Care sector. Mark Allen gives great insight on how Hampshire County Council used technology during a time of unprecedented change and demand, reflecting on what the sector might learn from the crisis. Alyson Scurfield provides an industry-wide perspective on the pandemic’s impact for TSA members, TEC’s support to vulnerable communities and how the TSA supported the TEC sector with an intense outreach programme and obtaining key worker status for its workforce.

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Transnational care in the pandemic

Sustainable Care Co-Investigator Professor Majella Kilkey (leads the research team studying Care 'in' and 'out of' place) is joined by special guests Professor Loretta Baldassar (University of Western Australia) and Professor Laura Merla (University of Louvain) to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on transnational care arrangements.

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Reforming adult social care – what COVID has told us

Sustainable Care Research Associate Patrick Hall is joined by David James (Head of Adult Social Care Policy, Care Quality Commission and member of the Sustainable Care programme Advisory Board), Tim Parkin (Senior Policy Advisor, Think Local Act Personal) and Kate Sibthorp (member of Think Local Act Personal’s National Co-production Advisory Group).

In this episode they discuss how the development of Adult Social Care systems has been influenced by the COVID-19 Pandemic, how important community communication is and TLAP’s ‘Making it Real’- a framework for how to do personalised care and support.

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