Professor Majella Kilkey


Majella is a Professor of Social Policy and joined the Department of Sociological Studies in 2011, having taught in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Hull since completing her PhD ‘Lone Mothers Between Paid Work and Care: The Policy Regime in 20 Countries’ at the University of York.

She is Co-Editor of Social Policy and Society, an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Social Policy, and an executive member of the UK Social Policy Association.

Professor Majella Kilkey and Professor Louise Ryan co-direct the Migration Research Group in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. Their collective research interests lie in the areas of migration, ageing and care. For the Sustainable Care Programme, Majella and Louise Co-lead the work package Care 'In' and 'Out of' Place.

Majella researches at the intersection of migration and family studies, focusing particularly on the intra-European Union mobility of European Union citizens, and issues of care and transnationality.

Research and publications

Kushnir, I., Kilkey, M. and Strumia, F. (2020) EU integration in the (post)-migrant-crisis context: learning new integration modes?. European Review

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Brexit, Migration, Mobility and the Care Crisis (Sustainable Care Policy Perspective 2018) (PDF, 1.5MB)

Kilkey, M., Merla, L. and Baldassar, L. (2018) (Eds) Special Issue - The Social Reproductive Worlds of Migrants, Journal of Family Studies, 24: 1

Baldassar, L., Kilkey, M., Merla, L. and Wilding, R. (2018) ‘Transnational Families in the Era of Global Mobility’, in Triandafyllidou, A. (ed) Handbook on Migration and Globalisation, Edward Elgar

Kim, G. and Kilkey, M. (2017) Marriage Migration Policy in South Korea: Social Investment beyond the Nation State, International Migration

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Kilkey, M. and Urzi, D. (2017) Social Reproduction in Sicily’s Agricultural Sector: Migration Status and Context of Reception. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 43: 15, 2573-2590

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