Professor Luke Clements

University Of Leeds

Luke Clements is the Cerebra Professor of Law and Social Justice at the School of Law, Leeds University. Luke helped draft and promote the Bills that became the Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995 and the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004. In 2013 he was the Special Adviser to the Parliamentary Committee that scrutinised the draft Bill that resulted in the Care Act 2014.

Luke’s involvement in the programme relates primarily to its critical review of the conceptions of wellbeing and sustainability and its examination of how these concepts relate to care relationships.

Luke has written widely concerning ‘carers and the law’ – recent publications include:

  • 2017 Community Care & the Law Legal Action Group 6th edn: (Legal Action Group 2017).

  • 2016 Carers and their Rights – the law relating to carers (Carers UK).

  • 2013 Does your carer take sugar? Carers and human rights: the parallel struggles of disabled people and carers for equal treatment in The Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice (2013) v19 397–434

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