Professor Jenny Phillimore


Jenny Phillimore is the Founding Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity and Professor of Migration and Superdiversity at the University of Birmingham. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and of the RSA.

Her research interests span refugee integration with a particular focus on health, housing and social networks and access to healthcare in superdiverse neighbourhoods.

She has led multiple research projects for funders including the Economic and Social Research Council, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the European Union, the Home Office and research foundations.

She frequently appears in the media discussing superdiversity and integration and has advised Governments in the UK, Australia, and Europe.

Jenny has published widely in leading academic journals such as Social Science and Medicine, BMJ, Urban Studies, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Policy and Politics and Journal of Social Policy.

She currently leads two major international projects:

  1. Welfare Bricolage examining healthcare seeking behaviours and provision in superdiverse areas (Norface)

  2. SEREDA exploring refugees resilience and vulnerability to sexual and gender based violence in the refugee crisis (Europe and Global Challenges).

In the Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems programme, Jenny is working on Comparing UK Care Systems: prospects, developments and differentiation in the four UK nations.

Research and publications

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