Andrew Magnaye

Visiting Academic, PhD Student

Andrew is a current PhD student from the Department of Human Ecology at the University of Alberta located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is also a proud member of the Research on Aging, Policies and Practice (RAPP) research team since January 2016.

Andrew says “What led me to pursuing a PhD in aging and care research was the intimate memories I have being raised by my grandmother who migrated to Canada from the Philippines to care for her grandchildren. She was integral to shaping how I viewed how families look after one another, to ensure that they not only survive, but thrive in any environment.”

In the Sustainable Care programme, Andrew will be researching how these different environments impact the family’s ability to provide care. In particular, his PhD research looks at how migrant families to Canada manage family care responsibilities trans-nationally across national, political and geographic borders. Andrew’s research will hope to move beyond traditional understandings of migrants solely motivated by economic opportunity, and unpack the motivations, benefits and consequences of providing transnational care.

Supervisor: Professor Janet Fast

Research and publications

Visions for Change Policy Challenge (PDF, 1.3MB)